Mar. 21-25

 Hello Families of Room 1,  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  The rain was exciting! Spring has sprung in the classroom.  Please remind your children to keep their hands to themselves.   This week, we will be done with our Biography books.  It has taken longer but I am so proud of their hard work. We investigated a variety of genres and created a rainbow of genres.  Mrs. Lowe, our library expanded our experience by showing us books in the library that would connect to each genre.  Students have started taking A.R. quizzes on our Rio website.  Hopefully, I can get everyone to take one by the end of the week.  This is a way to check for understanding in reading.  Many students want to read the "Diary of a Wimpy Kid or Dogman" but those are at a higher reading level around 4th grade and the comprehension on A.R. is very tough.  I am meeting with students daily to have them read and go over what they are reading and find books that are the best level for them. In math, we will

Mar. 14-18

 Hello Families of Room 1, I hope you enjoyed the beautiful weekend.  A reminder that I handed out report cards on Friday,  I am so proud of this class for all the hard work this trimester. We are beginning a new unit in the Benchmark "reading/comprehension" program.  It is on Fables from different cultures and how we can learn lessons from stories passed on from different generations. We have started adding 3 double-digit numbers and finding ways to solve them mentally.  Please practice flashcards at home with addition and subtraction facts to 20.  They should know all the ways to make 10.  We are also identifying the different solid shapes. We are finishing up our Biography books with an autobiography of themselves.  Students will be writing their own version.  I can't wait to share these books at Open House in May. This month, we were talking about hot air balloons.  We learned about the history of the hot air balloon and how people use them today.  It is interesting h

March 7-11

  Hello Families of Room 1,  Here we are in March!  Time is flying by! We are in our last trimester.  I can't believe it.   This last trimester, I will be working on getting them geared up for summer.  We will be reading a ton and working on fluency, expression when reading, and comprehension.  I started a new program with the class called read naturally.  Students will be reading a passage and will track their fluency and accuracy.   In order to have individual time to listen to each person read, the rest will be on Lexia.  Please have students bring their computers on Mondays.   In math, we are still adding and subtracting by regrouping.  We will be adding 3 double digits.  I have enjoyed seeing students start to understand adding and subtracting double digits.  It took a few weeks but I would say most have it.   In writing, we are almost done with the biography unit and starting to put together our book for Open House.   In Benchmark, we are starting our next unit 6 on character

Feb. 22-25

 Hello Families of room 1, We are almost to March.  Our trimester is done on March 2.  I will be assessing students this week and next week.  I am so excited to see how much each student has grown this last trimester. We are continuing to read biographies about people who have made a difference in America. After reading about the person, we use a graphic organizer to jot down facts and then write a summary.  This week we are finishing up Jackie Robinson and Rosa Parks.  Next week, we will be reading about Michael Jordan and Clara Barton.   Besides Biographies, we are also researching people who have made inventions in the past.  We have learned about several inventions such as windshield wipers, irobot, electricity, telegraph, etc. They even got to come up with their own inventions.  They are really cute inventions. In math, we are starting on three digit subtraction with regrouping.  I have slowed the pace since some are struggling with regrouping.  Regrouping will be reviewed weekly

Jan. 31- Feb.4

  Hello Families of Room 1,  I hope you had a wonderful weekend.  I was in Walnut Creek for my son's water polo tournament.  It was a beautiful but cold weekend.  One more day of January, time is flying by! I hope that some shared their Lunar year celebration on Friday by making lanterns and discussing how different cultures celebrate.  I loved that some students shared what they do with their own families. In Language Arts, we will be reading Stone Garden and comparing it to Stone Soup.   We have one more week of this unit on perspectives.  Students will be changing the perspective to a different character in one of these stories and make their own twist on the story. In Writing, we have started our Biography unit.   We are using a graphic organizer to take notes on each person we are learning about in class each week.  At the end of the week, they will use their organizer to write a summary.  We will be creating a book that students will share at Open House in May. In Math, stude

Jan. 10-14

  Hello Families of room 1,  Thank you all for all the wonderful gifts and cards.  I am so excited to be back and see all my students.  This is my favorite time of the year because they already know the routines and expectations.     This week, we will start off with writing about one event that happened over the break and share out.  We will be finishing up our Animal reports this week and have a celebration next week.     Also, we should have tons of "Flat Stanley" postcards waiting for us.  We will be starting our unit on Geography.  We will be going over maps, an atlas and how to use them.  We also will be graphing how many postcards come from the same state.        We will be starting our new unit in "Benchmark".  We will be identifying the author's  point of view for different stories we read in class.  Students will also be reading leveled books weekly to me and I will begin having students take tests on the books they are reading in our "AR" sc

Nov. 29-Dec. 3

 Hello Families of Room 1, I hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving/vacation time.  We will be celebrating celebrations around the world.  If your family celebrations a holiday, please send in books, games, or anything that you do to celebrate.   We will continue to talk about how animals adapt to their environments.  As well as discussing different habitats and how certain animals can live in their habitats.  We started by reading about Emperor penguins, polar bears,  and armadillos.  Students will be reading about the different habitats around the world.  This will lead into our writing piece on animals. Please send in animal books that can be shared to help with their research project.  We will be going to the library on Friday and will be finding books that will help with this writing assignment.  In math, we will be finishing up the unit on place value.  I think most students are able to identify digits in the correct place value.  Students will continue using money to help ide